It was just another routine visit with my family doctor, Susan Davis. Out of surprise of that day, my doctor said, “You are pre-diabetic.” She made a referral to the dietitian and I left her office determined to reverse the pre-diabetes diagnosis. I was obese with a family history of diabetes.

Now it was necessary for me to make adjustments in my eating habits and portion size became more important. Blood sugar was balanced by small portions of protein with carbohydrates or starchy snacks. Walking was selected as the exercise to lose the weight and Los Angeles Scenic Outlook became a favorite spot. After a while I decided to participate in the Los Angeles Marathon, when I completed the marathon I had lost 41 pounds and my A1C was 5.2. Dr. Davis told me that my A1C was better than most of the doctors at UCLA where she works. Afterwards, I wrote the book, How to Prevent Diabetes -I beat it and You Can Too! Dr. Davis was my proofreader. Both of us were very proud!